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On this page, you can find an overview of all activities concerning the EMLex programme. Click on the titles in order to get to the respective section.


Coordination / Management


Publications / Colloquia


Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem Budapest

Université de Lorraine

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Uniwersytet Slaski w Katowicach

Universita degli Studi Roma Tre

26/01/2017 Website of the IV. EMLex Colloquium is online
July 2016 The new design of the general EMLex website is online
July 2016 Second EMLex website of USC is online; website with specific information on master’s programmes:
June 2016 The page „Témoignage des diplômés EMLex“ is added to the UL website (
From June Twitter (USC)
May 2016 EMLex-website of the USC is online:
13/04/2016 South African EMLex website is online:
25/03/2016 Upload of a new tab on the EMLex website „Témoignage des diplômés EMLex“ (“EMLex graduates’ testimonials”)
27/12/2015 Polish EMLex website is online:
25/12/2016 Facebook page is online:
15/12/2015 Italian EMLex website is online:
14/12/2015 EMJMD-EMLex website is adapted. Application portal is open.
2015 EMLex News on Lexicography  (USC; Valcárcel)
Coordination / Management
22/12/2016 Minutes of the biannual consortium meeting in Nancy
31/10/2016 Submitting the technical report to the EACEA
14/10/2016 Biannual meeting of the EMLex teaching staff in Nancy
15/04/2016 Consortium agrees on the Student Agreement
15/04/2016 Consortium meeting in Katowice, Poland: Bielinska, Buchi, Dias, Domínguez, Engelberg, Gouws, Hollós, Kürzinger, Myrczek, Nied, Pödör, Schierholz
22/03/2016 All partner universities (except for Hungary) signed the Consortium Agreement
15/03/2016 Application deadline for the first intake 2016/17
10/12/2015 Consortium agrees on the EMJMD-EMLex application form
10/12/2015 First EMJMD-EMLex meeting in Erlangen together with Dr. Brigitte Perlick. Discussion and Agreement on the Joint Master Agreement: Bielinska, Buchi, Dias, Dominguez, Hollós, Kürzinger, Nied, Pödör, Schierholz
12-13/11/2015 Meeting in Brussels with valuable information events on the Erasmus Mundus programme; get together and exchange with other Erasmus Mundus coordinators
21/10/2015 Grant Agreement for the EMJMD-Europäischer Master für Lexikographie/Euorpean Master in Lexicography received (FAU)
1/10/2015 Anja Kürzinger starts work as EMJMD-EMLex manager
22/09/2015 DAAD workshop in Berlin on the accreditation of international programmes: „Qualitätssicherung in internationalen Studienprogrammen – ein neuer Königsweg?“ (Schierholz)
21/09/2015 Entry in the DAAD database „International Programmes in Germany“:
1/9/2015 Begin of the preparations of setting up the EMJMD-EMLex (Erlangen); information of the partners on administrative conditions
August 2015 EMLex has been accepted by the EACEA as an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree with Prof. Dr. Stefan Schierholz (FAU) as coordinator
16/12/2016 Presentation of EMLex at the meeting “Historische Lexikographie” in Munich
8/12/2016 Announcement of EMJMD-EMLex scholarships in mailing lists: participants of the 27th Congrès international de linguistique et de philologie romanes, members of DÉRom, ILF, Parislinguists, LN, OLST,, and SIDF
30/11/2017 Presentation of EMLex for linguistics students at UL
22/11/2016 Presentation of EMLex at the workshop “Cognacy in Basic Lexicon” (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena)
Nov. 2016 Mailing to all DAAD centres and Goethe institutes
14/06/2016 short article about the EMLex semester at KRE: English version and Hungarian version
05/06/2016 Release of the new image brochure of KRE, containing a 1 page information on EMLex
30/05/2016 Release of the new 2-page information leaflet about KRE including a paragraph on EMLex
19/03/2016 Press release of USC:
02/03/2016 Article „Wörterbücher eröffnen neue Welten“ published in Nürnberger Zeitung: :
24/02/2016 EMLex poster is sent to international offices of German HEIs
15/02-19/02/2016 Presentation on EMJMD-EMLex at three universities in Japan: Dr. Lyubomyr Matsekh Ukrainskyy (former PhD student of Schierholz)
22/01/2016 EMJMD-EMLex announcement in Linguist List Issue 27.447:
13/01/2016 Facebook advertisement is online:
16/12/2016 Study Portals entry is online:
09/1/2016 Press release by the Spanischer Germanistendachverband:
14/12/2015 Presentation on EMJMD-EMLex in the winter session of the lexicographical committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
09/11/2015 Press release by USC’s online magazine:

03/11/2015 Entry in Hochschulkompass [URL]
29/10/2015 Press release of FAU:
21/10/2015 Presentation about EMJMD-EMLex at USC: Schierholz
During Multilex: Sesión “Lexicografía y formación”. Lexicography in Higher Education Institutions. European Master in Lexicography with an Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree. Stephan Schierholz. Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen (Alemaña).
6/10/2015 Presentation at Ivan-Franko-Universität in Lwiw (Ukraine): Schierholz
September 2015 Informing the lexicography network RELEX.
Since EMJMD-EMLex Advertisement on the PORTLex website:
Publications / Colloquia
25/11/2016 Publication of the 2nd volume of “Dictionnaire Etymologique Roman” with several contributions authored by EMLex graduates (Louis Albrecht, Annalena Hütsch und Marie-Thérèse Kneib)
Dec. 2016 Publication about the EMLex summer term 2016 in Budapest in the Lexicographica yearbook (Zita Hollós/Stefan Schierholz)
tbd Publication “Dictionaries and criticism” with participation of EMJMD-EMLex teachers.
2-3/6/2016 Colloquium on dictionary criticism at FAU (Bielinska/Schierholz)
02/05/2016 Decision of date and topic of the IV. EMLex Colloquium at USC: March 2017
14/0472016 EMLex Colloquium on dictionary criticism in Kattowice (Bielinska)
05/02/2016 Lexicography Colloquium in Erlangen in the honor of Herbert Ernst Wiegand:
20/12/2015 Publication of an article which had been initiated in an EMLex class: Buchi, Éva/González Martín, Carmen/Mertens, Bianca/Schlienger, Claire (2015), « L’étymologie de FAIM et de FAMINE revue dans le cadre du DÉRom », Le français moderne 83, 248-263.


15-16/02/2017 The Selection Committee meets in Nancy for a pre-selection of scholarship candidates
27/01/2017 Drafting of a list of French companies in the area of lexicography as suggested addressees of a promotional letter from the Sustainability committee
25/05/2016 Sustainability committee: Application for public funds for master’s programmes at USC
15/04/2016 Report of the sustainability committee (M.J. Domínguez/Rufus Gouws)


Report of the dissemination/PR committee (C. Valcárcel and Monika Bielinska)
18/03/2016 Meeting of the selection committee in Rome to decide on the new Erasmus Mundus students
10/12/2015 Members of the committees have been decided:
(a) quality assurance: Dias, Pödor
(b) sustainability and developement: Domínguez, Gouws
(c) PR: Bielinska, Valcarcel
05/11/2015 Members of the selection committee have been decided: Nied (spokeswoman), Polguère, Müller, Myrczek, Kürzinger


Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
26/01/2017 Lecture “Explain me this: Creativity, Competition and the Partial Productivity of Constructions” by the American Linguist Adele Goldberg
14-15/12/2016 Field trip with Erasmus Mundus students to IDS Mannheim
 08/06/2016 Master information day at FAU: Presentation of EMJMD-EMLex (Schierholz)
03/03/2016 Schierholz speaks with director of KRE, Prof. Dr. Balla, about the problems of having EMJMD-EMLex recognized in Hungary
11/12/2015 Informative talk about the EMJMD-EMlex with the dean of humanities, Prof. Dr. Trinczek
04/11/2015 Informative talk with the chancellor of FAU, Dr. Sybille Reichert, about the EMJMD-EMLex: Herbst, Schierholz
30/09/2015 Meeting of the Erlangen EMLex teachers, Prof. Dr. Stefan Schierholz, Prof. Dr. Thomas Herbst and Prof. Dr. Peter O. Müller, with the EMLex graduate Anja Kürzinger
09/09/2015 Meeting with the vice president of FAU, Prof. Dr. Leugering, responsible for internationalization, Dr. Brigitte Perlick, head of the department of international affairs, Sybille Eberhardt, head of the legal department, and discussion of legal conditions for a Joint Master Degree.


Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem Budapest
2016 On international conferences by the Faculty of Humanities, the conference folder contained the KRE brochure with information on EMLex
2016 International delegations (universities, colleges, embassies) and academics from other universities who visited KRE received detailed information on the EMLex
21/11/2016 Information on EMLex for BA students of German language and literature
15-16/11/2016 Participation in the Central European Joint Infoday on Centralised Actions event of TEMPUS, designed to share project information with participants from Central/Eastern Europe, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Russia
22/06/2016 Decision no. 216/2016 of the Senate: the Senate approves of the EMLex degree programme as set out in a document in Hungarian, and authorizes the Rector to submit the full documentation of the programme to the Minister of Human Capacities in order to ask for the Minister’s permission to start the official process of establishing the programme.
06/04/2016 Decision no. 16/2016 of the Faculty Council: the Council unanimously approves of the EMLex degree programme as set out in a document in Hungarian to be submitted to the Minister of Human Capacities after the approval of the senate.
Feb-June 2016 KRE was the host university of the second semester of EMLex (Ruzsiczky class) with 22 guest professors and students from 8 countries.
7-11/02/2016 International students at KRE were informed about EMlex during their orientation week.
21-23/1/2016 KRE presence at the EDUCATIO exhibition, information on EMLex provided to Hungarian and international students, academics, education experts and fellow exhibitors (ca. 100 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors).
Jan/Feb 2016 A series of 6 information sessions about the Faculty of Humanities of KRE for high school graduates and BA students with information on EMLex (participation: ca. 2,000)
Jan/Feb 2016 KRE introduced EMLex to ca. 3,000 high school students contacted through university outreach with an admission brochure containing information on EMLex.
Nov. 2015 TEMPUS brochure “Erasmus Mundus in Hungary” about Mundus programmes with Hungarian partners: EMLex is one of 10 EM programmes in Hungary.
Nov. 2015 Short article about the Hungarian coordinator, Zita Hollós, in the TEMPUS (National Erasmus Office) magazine “Pályázati pavilon” on the internationalisation in higher education, in which EMLex is mentioned.


Université de Lorraine
Ongoing Update of the various mailing lists (lecturers and students by year groups)
Ongoing Updating of the EMLex website
21/03/2017 List of questions about the common summer semester 2018 in Nancy from the UL team to the EMLex consortium
21/03/2017 1st message about the course “Lexicography and lexicology” (A8) sent to the students from the Samuel Linde class
20/03/2017 Balance sheet (income/expenses EMJMD EMLex) UL 2016/2017
13/03/2017 Advice from Donato Lorubio (assistant director of institutional cooperation, UL) and Séverine Klipfel (assistant director of studies and curricula, UL) in order to validate the USC diploma EMJMD EMLex
06/03/2017 Interview with a UL student whose friend from the Ukraine would like to enrol
22/02/2017 Report on internships 2010-2017
15-16/02/2017 Meeting at the UL of the admission committee
08/02/2017 Survey on past and present employment of the EMLex graduates from the UL
01/02/2017 Information meeting about job prospects for EMLex graduates
24/01/2017 Shooting of videos with testimonials from EMLex students and teachers
15/01/2017 Epiphany Cake get together
06/12/2016 End of year get-together with all EMLex students
02/12/2016 Lecture by Henri Béjoint, author of “The Lexicography of English”: “Petite histoire des dictionnaires généraux de langue anglaise”
06/11/2016 Visit of the École de Nancy museum and the „Le Magasin de mots“
24/10/2016 Meeting with Donato Lorubio (assistant director of institutional cooperation, UL) and Séverine Klipfel (assistant director of studies and curricula, UL) in order to validate the joint diploma EMJMD EMLex
24/10/2016 Submission to the UL of a dossier in the name of the EMLex consortium for the French accreditation 2018-2022 by the HCERES (Haut conseil de l’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur)
04/10/2016 Pancakes-party with first-year and second-year students
12/09/2016 First session of the “EMLex Watering Hole” (optional weekly get-together where the students can get help for their homework, for the internship, for administrative problems etc.) of the academic year (for first- and second-year students)
26/05/2016 Graduation ceremony of the „Jerónimo Cardoso“ class


Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Nov-Dec 2016 I Xornadas Internacionais SEFORIN: Innovation and Training Seminar for Master’s students of the Faculty of Humanities
14/12/2016 Visit of the Institute of the Galician Language with the students
1-2/12/2016 Round Table: Seminario “Lexicografía bilingüe y multilingüe: perspectivas actuales” with María José Domínguez
24/11/2016 Lecture “Las ediciones romances de Wiktionary” by Carlos Valcárcel Riveiro
01/11/2016 Lecture “Evolution of Communication 2.0 to the Semantic Web: Strengths and resources for e-lexicography” by José Sixto García
01/10/2016 Lecture “Horizonte Polonia: Ayudas para descubrir un país en continuo crecimiento” by Amelia Serraller Calvo
First week of July 2016 Coordination meeting with EMLex teachers at USC
27,28,29/06/2016 Informative talk with other colleagues during the  VII Congreso Internacional de Lexicografia Hispánica; VII Congreso Internacional de Lexicografia Hispánica;
18/06/2016 Informative talk with other colleagues during the  VII Congreso Internacional de Lexicografia Hispánica
14/06/2016 The Spanish Consejo General de Universidades (Main University Council of Spain) accredits EMJMD-EMLex
08/06/2016 Coordination meeting with USC committees of the EMJMD
08/06/2016 Informative exchange with the PhD school of humanities at USC.
03/06/2016 Meeting with the vice rector for study programmes at USC, the vice rector for foreign affairs at USC, and with the dean of humanities
03/06/2016 Meeting with the dean of humanities and the head of EM Crossways in Cultural narratives of USC.
03/06/2016 Informative talk with the head of EM Crossways in Cultural narratives
27/05/2016 Meeting about EMJMD with the vice rector for course of studies and curriculums of the USC and the dean of the Faculty of Philology.
19/05/2016 EMJMD-EMLex is accredited by the Spanish Agencia de la Calidad of the Ministry of Education.
04/05/2016 Meeting of the quality committee of the philological faculty of USC
May 2016 digital presentation in Spanish about the programme for other universities of the consortium. Intention: Attract Spanish-speaking students
14/04/2016 Master’s Information Day at the philological faculty of USC (Maruxa Álvarez de la Granja- USC):
12/04/2016 Coordination Meeting with the USC committee of EMLex
February-March 2016 Compilation of the documents needed for the accreditation of the EMJMD on a national basis in Spain (USC).
11/01/2016 Coordination Meeting with the USE committee of EMLex
Dezcember 2015 The Council of the philological faculty accepts the EMJMD-EMLex
06/11/2015 Keeping in touch with former and new potential internship places
20- 21 /10/ 2015


Informative talks with colleagues from different countries during the Multilex Meeting (Domínguez, Valcárcel, Schierholz, Gouws)


09/10/2015 Informative meeting with USC lecturers from various research areas
5-7/ 10/ 2015 Informative talks with colleagues from different countries during II Congreso InternacionaL RELEX. A terminoloxía, unha necesidade da sociedade actual (Domínguez, Valcárcel)


First week of October 2015 Meeting with the dean of the philological faculty of USC.
Oktober-Dezember 2015 Compilation of the documents for the accreditation of the EMJMD at USC
September 2015 Meeting with the dean of the philological faculty of USC
28/08/2015 Mitteilung an den USC-Rektor über die Genehemigung des Studienganges
28/08/2015 Mitteilung an den USC-Vizerektor über die Genehemigung des Studienganges

Informing the rector, the vice rector and the dean of the philological faculty about being accepted to Erasmus Mundus

Uniwersytet Slaski w Katowicach
November 2016 Meeting with the members of the department of English Studies; meeting with the head of the institute
26/10/2016 Meeting with the dean (preparing the electronic university system for the common EMLex summer semester)
October 2016 Presentation of the EMLex for Bachelor students of German and English Studies
September 2016 Meeting with the Prorector of US (agenda: EMJMD certificate, Summer semester at US)
20/09/2016 Meeting in the US department for Education (EMJMD certificate)
June 2016 Information on EMLex on the main page of the philological faculty of US
May 2016 Information on EMLEx in the students‘ portal:
04/05/2016 Information on EMLex on the main page of the US website:
April 2016 Meeting with the heads of the departments for German and English studies, meeting with the dean of the philological faculty
April 2016 EMLex-Colloquium & Meeting at US
April 2015 Presentation of EMLex at the meeting of specialists of Polish studies (philological faculty of US)

Nov-Dec 2016University website contains information on the Erasmus Mundus application procedure:

Universita degli Studi Roma Tre
Jan 2017 The students were invited to a tour in the Vatican museums
Jan 2017 The students were invited to the foundation “Marco Besso” with a library containing around 1,000 dictionaries in various languages
Oct-Dec 2016 All students of the faculty of humanities were invited to a series of lectures of internal and external lecturers who talked about different dictionaries:
06/12/2016 Presentation of the EMLex programme for 3rd year Bachelor students of foreign languages in the department “Lingua Letterature e Culture Straniere”
01/11/2016 New poster in Italian language
01/11/2016 New leaflet in Italian language
31/10/2016 Update of the EMLex website:
17/10/2016 Meeting of the EMLex coordinators (agenda: promotion tactics)
19/09/2016 Presentation of EMJMD as first Erasmus Mundus programme at the department for foreign languages, literature and culture
11/05/2016 Coordinators‘ meeting of all EMLex coordinators with members of the international office
03/05/2016 Presentation of the EMJMD-EMLex in classes of German and English Studies (Bachelor)

EMLex on Facebook