Application period for self-funded candidates is open until April 15!

The European Union provides a limited amount of Erasmus Mundus scholarships for the very best students every year. This application period for scholarships has ended. If you plan to study our program regularly as a self-funded student you can send your application until April 15:

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  • The EMLex 2021 summer term in Erlangen has already started by this week with the course Metalexicography with Prof. Dr. Rufus H. Gouws and Dr. habil. Zita Hollós. In that summer term, we are also presenting our guest speaker series with three international renowned scientists, which will have ...

  • The application period for scholarship holders has ended. We want to thank everyone for sending their amazing applcations, which the EMLex admission committee is looking forward to evaluate. Moreover, self-funded candidates still can apply for the EMLex program. As a self-funded student you can prof...

  • The 2021 summer term at FAU has started. We are the hosts for the Herbert Ernst Wiegand cohort of the international study program “European Master in Lexicography (EMLex)”, an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree that has been funded by the EU since 2015. On 2 March, we welcomed the 18 EMLex students ...

  • On 10 February, the EMLex students from the Herbert Ernst Wiegand class (2020-2022) met with our teachers Prof. Dr. Tinatin Margalitadze and Prof. Dr. Éva Buchi in order to talk about the A8 course “Lexicography and lexicology” they will be teaching during the EMLex 2021 Summer term in Erlangen. Eve...


The European Master in Lexicography (EMLex) is an international Master’s degree programme (120 ECTS) that has been offered since 2009. Since 2016 the EMLex can be concluded with an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree. It includes a joint summer semester abroad for all students in cooperation with the following universities and institutions:

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