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Opinions on the EMLex

Tomara Gotkova, Université de Lorraine (2016-2018)


Yomna Abbass, Université de Lorraine (2015-2017)

(Fellow student Anja Pfeiffer helped with her German)


Conclusions of the 2016/18 EMLex students after their first semester

„Während des ersten Semesters habe ich verstanden, dass im Falle unseres Programmes die Lexikographie nicht nur Wörter zusammenführt, sondern auch Leute mit verschiedenen kulturellen Hintergründen, die dazu beitragen, Lexikographie erfolgreicher und innovativer zu machen.”

„My first EMLex semester has been a very enriching experience where I had the opportunity to learn a lot and expand my knowledge of the field of lexicography.”

„The lectures are fairly easy to understand and the professors are friendly and helpful. ”

„Die Lerneinheiten sind sehr interessant und nützlich, die Professoren sind hilfsbereit, ich freue mich, dass ich EMLex gewählt habe.”

„For me EMLex program has been a unique opportunity to plunge into a new field tightly connected to my previous studies and professional aspirations, to get vital intercultural experiences and to master a new foreign language (Spanish).”

„The first semester of EMLex provided me with a truly rewarding international learning experience in the context of a highly challenging programme towards an exciting professional career.”

„Das erste Semester im EMLex war anstrengend und abwechslungsreich: eine richtige Herausforderung, die ich angenommen und damit viel Neues gelernt habe. ”

„The first semester of the EMLex programme was a great enriching lexicographical immersion.”



Azra Hayat-Vautrin, Université de Lorraine, Sarmiento-Kohorte (2013-2015)

„My favourite thing about the programme was the international aspect. I very much appreciated being a part of  a small cosmopolitan year group that allowed for a pleasant atmosphere. I really enjoyed the possibility to develop myself in a master’ s programme where the students are dedicated to their studies: we were really encouraged to develop our critical mindset. Also, this programme doesn’ t force its students to take a specific career path!


Louis Albrecht, Université de Lorraine, Sarmiento-Kohorte (2013-2015)

„I very much appreciated the interaction with the foreign students who studied the same programme as us at other European universities. EMLex has allowed me to travel abroad more, to aquire profound methodological knowledge, to improve my English skills and of course to deepen my knowledge about lexicography – a field that has always intrigued me (even though I didn’ t know that term existed!)”


Márcia Afonso, Universidade do Minho, Sarmiento-Kohorte (2013-2015)

“I haven’ t regretted my choice to study EMLex for even one second. I chose the programme driven by the challenge to engage myself in the subject of dictionaries and their recent developments, by the attraction that language represents, by the programmes international spirit and by the chance to intern at a renowned publishing company in Portugal. All things considered, I would say that EMLex is a demanding, but comprehensive programme.


Marie André, Université de Lorraine, Sarmiento-Kohorte (2013-2015)

„I haven’ t regretted for a second to have chosen EMLex! I was able to intern in an affiliated company (MVS Publishing Solutions) and I loved it. Prior to this experience, I had no idea of what it could be like to work as a lexicographer in a company. Now I know that this is what I would like to do, even though these jobs aren’ t easy to find.
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