Information for scholarship applicants


The application period for scholarship holders for the 2022/23 has ended. Please do not send any applications until the next application period will start in November 2022.
Application form: the EMJMD-EMLex application form can be found here from November 1.
A sample of the student agreement for the study period 2021-23 can be found here.
Information on data protection and the EACEA privacy statement can be found here.

Erasmus Mundus

  1. Information for students
  2. Erasmus Mundus EMLex programme
  3. EMLex (without Erasmus Mundus)


1. Information for students

The Erasmus Mundus EMLex offers an excellent international programme of study which is globally unique and highly attractive due to various activities. During the two-year programme, students will spend the second semester together with all other students at one university, which changes every year. The summer term 2023 will be at KRE in Budapest, the summer term 2024 at the University Hildesheim in Germany. On request, it is possible to study at a third university of the EMLex consortium in the third semester. In the 1st and 4th semester studies take place at the so-called home university. Erasmus Mundus applicants have the opportunity to name their preferred choices for their home university; the selection committee distributes the applicants equally to the partner universities.

2. Erasmus Mundus EMLex programme

It is not possible for students to recieve the Erasmus-Mundus sholarship when starting the EMLex program in fall 2023. We work on creating a Erasmus-Mundus progam that offers reduced participation fees as well as reduced scholarships. The study program will be the same. Applications open on November 1, 2022.


3. EMLex (without Erasmus Mundus)

If there are any remaining places to study after the Erasmus Mundus places have been assigned, it is possible to apply for the EMLex master course without Erasmus Mundus at one of the partner universities. We will publish the number of applicants, the number of university places assigned to scholarship holders and students on a self-financing basis, and thus the number of remaining university places on this website.

The summer semester abroad for students with a local application is funded by the Erasmus+ programme. This means that the summer semester abroad is only partially financed. In addition, all other advantages of the Erasmus Mundus programme (for example exemption of local tuition fees, health insurance, teaching materials, and cultural events) are not included. In total, you can only study at two different universities, i.e. you spend the 1st, 3rd and 4th semester at the same university. You will not receive an Erasmus Mundus certificate but an EMLex certificate. The Universidade de Santiago de Compostela is not part of it.

Conditions and deadlines for applications differ at the various partner universities and can be found on their respective websites. For further information, please contact the respective EMLex directors:

For applications at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg:

Applications for the EMLex at Erlangen University must be submitted via the master’s office (Masterbüro). Please use the online application portal for master programmes at FAU Erlangen and select the programme “Lexikographie (Master of Arts)”. Find more information on Master’s applications at FAU here.

Studies can be taken up every winter term. The application period for the EMLex programme for the academic year of 2022/23 will end on July 15, 2022.