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Category: Latest

The international joint summer semester in Katowice has begun. The first module, ‘metalexicography’,  taught by Rufus H. Gouws and Zita Hollós, has been completed. Rufus’ gave the following feedback: “The students are the reason why we are here – and this year it is a good re...

Category: Allgemein

On 30th March 2017 the 4th EMLex Colloquium on Lexicography takes place in Santiago de Compostela. The program and detailed information can be found on the website.

Category: Latest

Various parts of the recently published second volume of the Dictionnaire Etymologique Roman (Romance Etymological Dictionary) were authored by EMLex graduates: (1) In the theoretical part, Marie-Thérèse Kneib from the Jerónimo Cardoso class published part of her Master’s dissertation in form ...

Category: Latest

The institute of German language (Institut für Deutsche Sprache IDS) is an important partner of EMLex.The new IDS flyer presents the departments of the institute that are involved in the EMLex. [PDF]