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The French company Reverso is offering two positions which may be of interest to EMLex graduates. The job advertisements in French can be found here and here.

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 Polina, Tiffany and Jin Jing from the Samuel Linde class have conducted an interview with tourists in Rome.  The question was: “Do you know what Lexicography is?“ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1efVRCLv3C9_dOXKpbSjn04OZKIrqF7K1/view?usp=sharing Here are some answers. Watch the video and enjoy 😊...

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In October 2017, the coordinator sent a questionnaire to the students of the 2nd intake that addressed the students’ expectations towards the EMLex Masters course. They were asked to answer one simple question: “What do you expect of the EMLex Masters course?”. Thus, the students were able to answer...